Hi - I'm Brian Ayers, an MD/MBA candidate interested in surgery and machine learning.

I am a MD/MBA candidate (2019) at University of Rochester Medical School (Rochester, NY). Thus far, I have completed my MBA at Simon Business School and am currently in my third year of medical school (started June 2017).

I'm fascinated by the pathophysiology and diagnostic/treatment technology related to diseases of the cardiovascular system and hope to pursue a career in cardiothoracic or vascular surgery.

My research interests are at the intersection of computer science and healthcare delivery. I studied machine learning during undergrad and fully believe this technology is going to fundamentally change the world for the better. I want to help create innovative applications for machine learning in healthcare.

I am always interested in new ideas so if there is anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to reach out


University of Rochester Medical Center
Simon Business School
St. Mark's High School
Middlebury College


Currently in Progress

  • Effects of Right Ventricle Optimization on Post-Operative Outcomes: a Retrospective Comparison

    Submitted for review

  • Predictors of Respiratory Failure in Patients Supported with Continuous Flow Ventricular Assist Devices And The Effect on Survival

    Submitted for review

  • AF classification from a short single lead ECG recording (PhysioNet/CinC Challenge 2017)

    In progress



Side Projects

Goodees Clothing

Goodees Clothing

Founder, Acquired 2015

During college I founded a custom clothing and lifestyle company. It started with custom designed lacrosse shorts and over 4 years morphed into a company branded with a turtle logo, producing clothing designed to mimic Vineyard Vines style without the price tag.

This was my first exposure into the world of startups and I was instantly hooked. The constant challenges and creativity required to grow the company was enthralling and ultimately lead me to pursue my MBA so that I can apply these skills to the healthcare industry.

Brand Club



During my year at business school I had a number of friends ask me to build them a personal website similar to this one. After seeing the positive response they received from recruiters, I realized students on the job hunt need a way to portray more of their personality than is possible through LinkedIn or a CV.

I partnered with a classmate to run business development and sales while I built a Ruby on Rails web platform that allows students to build a personally branded website that goes beyond their CV. We found strong interest from business schools as a way to help their students differentiate themselves.

Patrick Wiese Foundation

Patrick Wiese Foundation

Board Member

In 2013, my best friend was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He founded The Patrick Wiese Foundation’s (PWF) with the goal to help children and young adults with cancer in our Central New York community.

The foundation coordinates educational support to students undergoing surgery and chemotherapy so that they do not fall behind in school during treatment. Patrick is the man with the vision, I just help run the tech and whatever else needs to be done, including hopefully helping to expand the educational support to patients undergoing treatment in Rochester.


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